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When you are living with a mental or emotional health issue, it can be difficult to participate in daily activities or to enjoy life. Basic needs like eating, sleeping or spending time with family or friends can feel like a huge burden.

We are compassionate and experienced mental health professionals who are dedicated to help you. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the integrative care you need so you can in turn achieve and maintain the maximum quality of life and greatest degree of independence possible!

Meet Dr. Hala Moustafa

Hala Moustafa, M.D., is a Board Certified Psychiatrist. Her approach to managing mental illness combines the art of listening and the power of compassion with the most up to date science of psychopharmacology.

Having resided and trained in several different contexts within and beyond the United States, Dr. Moustafa understands the role of culture and environment in her work. She tailors her treatment approaches according to each patient’s specific background and unique needs.

"Caring for my patients is an honor and a privilege. I am committed to leveraging all of the tools, knowledge, and experience gained over the years to provide them with the most comprehensive and personalized care."

Dr Hala Moustafa

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Psychiatric & Psychological Services

InMind Behavioral Health is an outpatient mental health facility that provides a wide range of psychiatric and psychological services.

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is needed to diagnose and formulate the mental/emotional disorders. The evaluation is based on social and biographical information, complete medical history, lab tests, genetic history, direct observations, and data from specific psychological tests. An essential part of any psychiatric evaluation is the mental status examination (MSE).

The first visit consists of a 60 minute diagnostic assessment. Following the psychiatric interview, diagnostic impressions and an initial treatment plan will be discussed with the patient. Then an in-depth report will be written and provided to the patient as well as to other members of the patient’s treatment team, as permitted by the patient. Initial components of the treatment plan may be implemented at the end of this visit.

Medical management is tool in stabilizing psychiatric illnesses, whether it’s a case of anxiety or full blown paranoid schizophrenia, excellent medical management, like the kind we provide to our patients, helps patients rebuild their lives such that their psychiatric illness does not hold them back from living their life to the fullest, and to their maximum potential.

With our expertise in psychopharmacology we know when and how a medication can be given. We help the patient to find the right medication at the right strength. We weigh the risks and benefits and discuss this at length with patients before initiating medications. We also assess the advantages and disadvantages of one medication over the other including efficacy, drug-drug interactions, side effects, cost..etc and again discuss this with the patient.

Each follow up visit we assesses response to medications and modify treatment as indicated, and address other concerns. Critically important, these visits include discussion of life context.

We offer one-time, in-depth consultations to aid in management of patients who want input regarding diagnoses and/or treatment options but who intend to continue working with their current treatment team. Typical visit time is 60-90 minutes, and a written report is provided to the patient and/or the patient’s treating clinicians as permitted by the patient.

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a broad variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and can increase well-being and healing.

Therapy may be conducted in an individual, family, couple, or group setting, and can help both children and adults. Sessions are typically held once a week for about 30 to 50. Both patient and therapist need to be actively involved in psychotherapy. The trust and relationship between a person and his/her therapist is essential to working together effectively and benefiting from psychotherapy. We are collaborating with a group of highly qualified psychologists who have decades of experience in psychotherapy.

They use several types of therapy. The choice of therapy type depends on the patient’s particular illness and circumstances and his/her preference. Therapists may combine elements from different approaches to best meet the needs of the person receiving treatment.
Different types of psychotherapy offered at our facility include Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Interpersonal therapy (IPT), Dialectical behavior therapy, Supportive therapy.


Telehealth is the use of video and audio technologies to support virtual appointment services between healthcare providers and their clients through HIPAA compliant platforms. You can have your visit with our psychiatrist or psychotherapist from the comfort of your home or offic.

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